Event Details

Event Day – 08/01/2022
Event Schedule – 10:00z
Description – The IVAO Events Department is pleased to host yet another version of our traditional Atlantic Crossing event. In this edition the traffic flow is westwards, replicating the traditional cross-Atlantic flights from Europe to the United States – a classic flight!

Every day, thousands of aircraft fly across the skies in the North Atlantic Ocean in one of the busiest routes from Europe to North America – we couldn’t do any differently on IVAO.
Airports Involved – EGLL – Heathrow | LFPG – Charles de Gaulle | KJFK – John F. Kennedy

IVAO-FRAvailable here
IVAO-XAAvailable here
IVAO-XUAvailable here

Note: The use of the charts is mandatory. On this way, this will be easier for you and for the ATC.

HQ Events Support Award

Each Pilot who participates will receive 1 point for the HQ Events Support Award
Report here

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