Covering the Continental part of the Country, Madeira and Porto Santo Islands, Lisboa FIR is a gateway to Europe for the flights flying to and from South America.

Surrounded by the Spanish Airspace on the North and East, Casablanca next to the South Sector, Canarias with a border to the South part of the Madeira Sector and Santa Maria on the West, a lot of coordination is required when controlling all the sectors.

It has 4 TMAs, Porto, Lisboa, Faro and Madeira, with the busiest airport being the one in our beautiful capital Lisboa. A lot of small aerodromes through the country give the perfect opportunity for small GA pilots to do some VFR cross-country.

We also are lucky enough to hold one of the most challenging approaches in the world, to Madeira airport. The curved final to runway 05 along with the dangerous crosswinds give the PICs a handful workload to touchdown in the right spot.