Rules to take into account when flying in Portugal

Also know as Letter of Agreement, below you can find some specific information to take into account when performing as OAT.

You shall also read the documentation available on IVAO main website, regarding the Special Operations


  • Do not exceed 250 KIAS below FL100 unless permitted by ATC, or unless the airspace classification permits otherwise. Military aircraft may also exceed the restriction.


For the major airports in Portugal (LPPT, LPPR and LPFR) there are other speed restrictions to comply with upon arrival:
  • MAX 280 KT between FL245 & FL100;
  • MAX 210 KT when initiating the intermediate approach;
  • MAX between 200 KT & 180 KT on base leg or when Receiving final vector to intercept the localizer;
  • MAX 160 KT when intercepting the glide path at FAP and maintaining until 4 NM from Threshold. If unable to comply with this adjustment advise ATC
    Supersonic under IFR only over FL420.


Whenever there is a military training or event, our ATC department will issue a NOTAM to reserve the airspace for the exercise, so that the GAT doesn’t fly into any Restricted Airspace. On the other hand, the OAT must adhere to the lateral and vertical limits of the reserved airspace.

Air Bases:

Transit Aerodrome:

Manouvering Aerodrome:

Military Controllers

Only validated Controllers by the PT Special Operations Department are allowed to open any Military-Only frequency as follows:

Lisboa Military / Information – LPAM CTR

Monte Real Approach, Tower and Ground – LPMR APP/TWR/GND

Sintra Approach, Tower and Ground – LPST APP/TWR/GND

Ovar Approach and Tower – LPOV APP/TWR

Montijo Tower – LPMT TWR

Alverca Tower and Ground – LPAR TWR/GND


Validated Military Controllers

DIR – Miguel Botelho – 460707

ADIR – Tomás Mateus – 323964

SOC – João Saloio – 421625

Raul Ferraz – 391921

Álvaro Quintas – 388720

André Vieira – 356165

Micael Abreu – 254220

Miguel Teixeira – 113648

Nelson Neves – 151613