So you finally decided to put your skills to test and are ready to take the challenge of an exam? Great! Our Examiners team, composed by the Training Coordinator, Training Assistant Coordinator and their Training Advisors, is always ready to put some members under some light pressure to prove their worth.

The same way that we all passed through crawling, to take a few steps without tumbling all the time and then running, our ratings are designed to allow you to slowly increase your knowledge. In the same sense, our exams difficulty also increases progressively.

Every exam consists in a theoretical and a practical examination.

The theoretical part is always performed before the practical, and if your knowledge is not enough, you will have to repeat it before you can advance to the practical part. This goes inline with the HQ Training Department, to ensure that you possess the required skills to pass the practical part of the Exam.


For Air Traffic Controllers, the Exam will be performed in the aerodrome agreed with between the Examinee and the Examiner, normally at Lisboa – LPPT or Porto – LPPR, for the Aerodrome and Approach ratings, and controlling the full Lisboa FIR for the ACC exam. Special different cases can be approved by the division HQ and TC/TAC.

For Pilots, you as an Examenee need to inform the intended aircraft to perform the exam when the Examiner contacts you to schedule the exam. In order for you to prepare your flight, do all the required calculations and routing, your Departure and Destination aerodromes will be given between 48h to 24h hours before the planned EOBT.

For Air Traffic Controllers, you can consult here all the rating information. For Pilots, ratings can be found here.

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You can expect one of the following examiners to evaluate your performance:

Miguel Botelho

Training Coordinator

Tomás Mateus

Training Assistant Coordinator

João Saloio

Training Advisor

Raul Ferraz