Acording to IVAO Rules & Regulations, a Guest Controller Approval is required in order to a member log in on a FRA restricted position of a foreign Division.

The Portuguese Division is a member of the GCA program so in order to apply for a GCA you must contact our Training Department so they will enter in contact with you in order to establish an individual procedure.

Keep in mind that the candidate must have a perfect knowledge of our local procedures and good knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Other factors in order to get your GCA are:

  • being at least an ADC with one hundred (100) hours logged as controller;
  • a good knowledge of the Portuguese cities and relevant ground landmarks due to VFR flights (when applying for a Domestic GCA);
  • have obtained the ADC rating in less than three (3) attempts.

After successful theoretical and practical exams with an authorized examiner, you will have a remark in your member profile.

If you have any question about the Portuguese Guest Controller Approval contact our Training Department using contacts below.

You can read our GCA policy here.

In order to apply to a GCA member, please contact our Training Department via email:

Your submission will be reviewed as soon as possible.