Our Division has an excellent team of IVAO Trainers, most of them with real experience, all with so many knowledge that they are the best to help you to learn how to seat behind the flight controls and how to guide planes safely.

For initial pilot training, you have the IVAO’s MediaWiki that will help you understand how the network works, how to fly, flight rules, airspaces, phraseology, etc.
For advanced Pilot ratings, the same link above will help you to tune your knowledge to perfection for the theoretical exam. Our Trainer team will then gladly help you to put your knowledge to practice and give you some tips before you request your exam.

For beginner Air Traffic Controllers, the training can be much more complex, and it is expected that the members do some initial reading alone, from the documentation library of IVAO Training Department and from the Division Local Procedures, for both Lisboa and Santa Maria FIRs. Despite that, we are always more than ready to assist you in any doubt you might have.
When you feel ready to boost your knowledge to the next level, our team will guide you through every detail you need to know about Delivering clearances, managing the traffic on the Ground and how to look outside the Tower to manage the airspace around your field.
After you pass your Aerodrome rating, you will train your Radar skills, combining Departure and Arrival traffic in a beautiful harmony for your Approach rating, where everyone gets the chance to get to their destination by the most efficient and safe route, unless something unpredictably happens, where you will need to remember all the rules to guide that distressed traffic safely back on ground. The radar skills, multitasking, a big picture overview and traffic management will be further evaluated when you reach for the sky with the Area Control Rating, being responsible for several TMA’s simultaneously.

But don’t be scared, that’s the purpose of training, making mistakes and learning from them!

If you want a training, just click the button below and you will be redirect to the IVAO Automated Traning System.

I am ready!

Viktor Csaky

Training Coordinator

António José Silva

Training Assistant Coordinator