Below you can find the list of ACC positions to be used in Lisboa FIR.

Inside each sector you can find some details such as frequency, vertical limits and restrictions on opening the positions.

Active Positions – Can be open at any time

Lisboa Main – LPPC_CTR

Lisboa Continental – LPPC_P_CTR

Lisboa East – LPPC_E_CTR

Lisboa North and Center – LPPC_NC_CTR

Lisboa South – LPPC_S_CTR

Lisboa West – LPPC_W_CTR

Lisboa Madeira – LPPC_M_CTR

Lisboa West&Madeira – LPPC_WM_CTR

Non-Active positions – Can only be open when active by NOTAM (or previous authorization by the AO-dep)

Lisboa North Lower – LPPC_NL_CTR

Lisboa Center Lower – LPPC_CL_CTR

Lisboa South Lower – LPPC_SL_CTR

Lisboa West Lower – LPPC_WL_CTR

Radar Separation Minima

On Lisboa FIR, the Radar Separation minima is 5 NM, except:

  • West Sectors, 8NM, West of the line defined by XERES – 391635N0111604W – BEXAL
    • On West Sectors, West of the line defined by RETEN – VERAM, Radar service should be consider unreliable
  • Madeira Sector, 8 NM

TMA and CTR airspace

When staffing an ACC position, you are responsible for all Controlled Airspace below the ACC Sector Area of Responsibility, unless the appropriate station is online.

CPDLC Logon codes

When staffing an ACC position, you may use the CPDLC function that the ATC Client – Aurora offers.
You shall make use of the specified code for each position, that you can find on the forum or on the menu to the left, under Active Positions / Non-Active Positions.