Santa Maria Oceanic FIR covers the eastbound zone of the Atlantic from 040W to the Lisboa FIR (LPPC), being West of 040W the New York Oceanic FIR (KZWY). It also makes frontier with Canarias FIR (GCCC), Gander FIR (CZQX), Shanwick FIR (EGGX), Sal FIR (GVSC) and Piarco FIR (TTZP). By North of 045N the Atlantic is controlled by Shanwick and Gander.


Santa Maria Oceanic Control Area Policy

LPPO OCA is divided into three ATC Positions: Santa Maria (LPPO_CTR), Santa Maria Radio (LPPO_OC_CTR) and Santa Maria Clearence Delivery (LPPO_D_CTR). Santa Maria Radar (TMA), partly radar, partly WAM serviced, has its own sector: LPPO_TMA_CTR frequency 132.150MHz.


Santa Maria OCA

For the purpose of the policy, “Santa Maria OCA” refers to the LPPO positions.


Santa Maria LPPO_CTR (Oceanic and TMA Controller) is known as the “master” position. When online, if there are no other sectors manned, this station will provide a band boxed coverage to the entire Oceanic Control Area and TMA area. Controllers must be able to comply and respect the local and general oceanic procedures. Before assuming control, the controller shall coordinate with adjacent FIRs/Controllers.

Santa Maria Radio LPPO_OC_CTR (Oceanic Controller) will provide a band boxed coverage to the entire Oceanic Control Area. Controllers can only control traffic overflying Santa Maria TMA over FL285. At anytime an airplane is to enter TMA airspace and/or radar coverage, the same should be handedoff to LPPO_TMA_CTR or to UNICOM if the TMA sector is not online.

Santa Maria Clearence Delivery (LPPO_D_CTR) is as the name states, the Santa Maria Oceanic Clearance Delivery facility. It must not be open if LPPO_CTR or LPPO_OC_CTR is not already online. The Clearance Delivery controller must not give a clearance without previously coordinate with the Oceanic Controller. The Oceanic Controller has the right to restrict any segment of an oceanic clearance.