Currently, half of the Santa Maria TMA zone has radar services which are  provided by Santa Maria ACC Radar Sector.

This radar service does not cover the whole TMA, only East Terminal Area, which is delimited by the intersection points GOMOS, RODIL, TIMTO. From TIMTO to SIPRU along the EAST Lajes CTA and from SIPRU to the North until the limit. The Radar Control vertical limit is from 1000ft MSL to FL285.

The radar antenna is positioned over the Santa Maria Island, Azores, LPAZ and it has a range of 250NM and up to FL300.

Within Santa Maria Radar Sector of the TMA, 10NM of separation are applied up to 100NM of Radar Antenna centered at Santa Maria Island when bellow FL245. Outside that area 20NM of separation is used within the radar range of 200NM, centered on Radar Antenna.

Vectoring is provided by the Santa Maria Radar Sector only above 5500ft except within the area delimited by VFL, SOLGI, TIMTO, SOMUL, RODIL, VFL where there is a minimum vectoring level of FL120.

When opening Santa Maria TMA, you are responsible for all the Controlled Airspace inside the TMA Area of Responsibility (including local APP and CTR units), unless the appropriate station is online.